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If Your Internet Speed is Good . Please download the 18+ MB Size PDF here.The document has high resolution screenshots.
If Your Internet Speed is Slow . Please download the 4+ MB Size PDF here. The document has low resolution screenshots.

MoneyBag Overview

This video is a quick overview of the MoneyBag app. The video will highlight the major features of the app as well as the app flow.

How to Create MoneyBags

This video shows how we can add new Moneybags for Expense, Income, Savings, Goals and Emergency Funds.

How to add Transactions

This video shows how we can add transactions in MoneyBag app and add them to relevant moneybags.

How to add data to transactions

This video shows how we can add data to a transaction like marking it as favourite, adding notes, tags, locations, reminders, repeat settings and images.

How to Permanently Delete a MoneyBag and all Its Transactions

This video shows how we can permanently delete a Moneybag from the app. Deleting a Moneybag will delete it from all months in past and future and will also delete all transactions associated with it. Also it will affect reports and charts.

How to Search, Check Reminders and use Quick Menu

This video shows how to search for transactions using any transaction data and also check reminders. Also Quick Menu navigation and the various options available are also shown.

How to Set a Goal and Track the Progress

This video shows how we can create a goal with a specified amount for a period of time and continuously track it progress in a beautiful Goals Wall.

How to Switch Off and On a MoneyBag for a Month

This video shows how we can switch on or switch off a MoneyBag for a particular month. For example you might not need a particular MoneyBag for a month and you would like to switch it off so that it does not come in reports. This video shows how you can switch on or off a money bag. When a moneybag is switched off all the transactions are moved to Inbox.

How to View MoneyBags

This video shows how we can view the list of Moneybags which are set up in the system. There is a shelf view and also a list view both of them are useful in different scenarios.

How to View Reports and Charts

This video shows how we can access the various reports and charts available in the MoneyBag app to analyze the expenses, budget, spending and savings patterns.

Tell me about MoneyBag in two lines?

Awesome. That is a nice question to start with. MoneyBag is an elegant money manager which provides simple and easy ways to enter and track all the financial transactions and at the same time empower the user to understand their spending and savings patterns over a period of time, so that they can take corrective actions to improve their financial lives.

What is special about MoneyBag?

In MoneyBag our primary aim is to help you build a relationship with money. This is what we call as the 'Experience Money' principle. And as with all relationships, the relationship with money also takes time and effort from your side. We believe that in order to become successful in your financial like, you should take time to create budgets, enter transactions, categore them and analyse them. MoneyBag helps your do just that.

How can I Install MoneyBag?.

Please select the appropriate environment in the Download page and download the installers. We provide exe file for Windows and dmg file for Mac.iPhone Companion App will be available soon.

I have questions on using MoneyBag?

Please check the FAQ and Forums. If you still dont get an answer please contact us via Twitter or Contact us link.

How many installations can I make with a single full license?

You can make two installations in two different machines with a full license. This is to enable you to sync and use it in both your work and home systems.

How many of you developed the app?

We are a team of two. One developer and one designer.

I have not received my license key ?

Please check in the spam folders, if you still see that you have not received the license in 30 mins kindly mail to